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Legato Financial Group is made up of qualified financial professionals in Louisville and Elizabethtown who are passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.


Justin Jenkins President, Investment Adviser Representative

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Justin knew early on that he would forge a business and evolve a career out of providing for others. His interest in economics and investments coupled with ingenuity and a desire to make life better for people led to the creation of Legato Financial Group.

Justin studied at Western Kentucky University. Since 2017, he has been registered as an Investment Adviser Representative and is able to provide investment advisory services. Justin utilizes tools and services to help clients pursue their financial independence. He individually works with clients to design holistic retirement strategies that focus on five key concepts: income planning, investment management, tax-efficient strategies, health care planning and legacy planning.

He is a charter member on the estate planning advisory council at Campbellsville University and a contributing author in finance publications. For his passion project, Justin is a board member for the First 48 Financial Education Alliance, a nonprofit organization providing financial education to high school students.

Justin resides in Elizabethtown with his family and enjoys most of his free time beside the grill, on the lake or at the golf course.


Ryan Kelly, CFA® Chief Investment Officer

A UNC graduate and Certified Financial Analyst, Ryan has held numerous positions in his career: Trading billions, managing portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, and analyzing thousands of individual securities and portfolios. During the 07-’08 financial crisis, Ryan ran the US Treasury Department’s Small Business Administration securities purchase program. As Head Trader for an Atlanta firm, he ran a team responsible for Trading a $25B book of stocks in hundreds of accounts across dozens of countries and currencies.

A father of three, Ryan spends time coaching, studying history, enjoying music, and cooking large meals for family and friends. He also has an enormous devotion to UNC sports.

Alicia Lanford

Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick Rumoro

Investment Adviser Representative

Kylee Marcy

Investment Adviser Representative

Penny Stewart, CPA®

Senior Tax Advisor

Rick Fears

Insurance Professional

Elizabeth Tulloch, CFP®

Financial Planner

Troy V. Todd

Financial Advisor - Elizabethtown

Christy Hill

New Business Coordinator

Clay Watkins, CFP®, RICP®

Financial Advisor - Louisville

Jill Bartholomew

Marketing Assistant

Tyler Forbes

New Business Processor

Taylor Florez

Event Coordinator

Melanie Nobers

Event Coordinator

Jodi Garcia

Office Administrator

Joan Foret

Office Director

Pam Gibson

Accounting/Payroll Specialist

*Penny Stewart is an employee of Legato Financial Group. The tax planning services provided by Penny Stewart are through Legato CPA’s and Advisors PLLC. The tax planning services offered by Legato CPA’s and Advisors’ are not subject to investment Advisor requirements. Tax planning services referenced are an outside business activity not offered through or supervised by AEWM. AEWM is not affiliated with Legato CPA’s and Advisors PLLC.

Insurance products are offered through the insurance business Legato Financial Group, Inc. Legato Financial Group, Inc is also an Investment Advisory practice that offers products and services through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM), a Registered Investment Adviser. The AEWM does not offer insurance products. The insurance products offered by Legato Financial Group, Inc are not subject to Investment Advisor requirements. AEWM and Legato Financial Group, Inc are not affiliated companies.

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